Aircraft and Engine Parts and Equipment

– Established in 1992
– Expertise in Asian and Middle East Market
– Headquarter in Seattle

Existing Customers

  • Indonesian Aerospace
  • Indonesian Air Force, Indonesian Army and Indonesian Navy and Police
  • BPPT (Agency of the Assessment and Application of Technology)
  • PT. INCO in Indonesia
  • PT. PAL
  • PT Barata
  • PT. BBI
  • US Coast Guard
  • Vector Aerospace Canada
  • Minister of Agriculture Thailand
  • Republic of Korea Air Force
  • Japan Air Force
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Republic Express Airlines
  • Royal Malaysian Air Force
  • UAE Air Force
  • Turkish Air Force, Turkish Navy
  • Saudi Air Force
  • Spanish Air Force
  • French Air Force
  • Republic Taiwan Air Force
  • Republic of China Air Force